Prana could also be called shakti

gururaj_pompasPrana could also be called shakti. Shakti means power, and power means force. At the very beginning of creation this force was manifested because it is the nature of the unmanifest to become manifest.

The activating force behind everything is prana. The relationship between prana and the three gunas is that the three gunas would become inert if prana was not there.

In every breath, what do I breathe but Divinity? The Absolute and the relative are inseparable.

When a person reaches the level of primal manifestation he reaches and becomes one with shakti, which is prana, the living force.

If you think He is far apart from you, then what are You? Do not hold the relative apart from the Absolute. Become conscious of that living force—prana.

Prana is all-permeating, prana is omnipresent. That vital force is forever there, was there, and will always be there because the manifestation of Divinity is through this vital force.


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