Evaluation and Evolution (life and death)

906267_235709453295308_73697862336734025_oIn the subtle state of death, you remain static. You function within yourself and within evaluation, but there is no evolution or progression. For any entity to progress he needs all three aspects of himself: physical, mental and spiritual. That is why our bodies are necessary. That is why theology can say, “Your body is the temple of God.”

When one leaves this body, the mind or mental body becomes at one wit the universal mind, and yet retains its individuality. It becomes so pleasurable. The mental body becomes so at one with the universal mind, that it experiences joy, and you feel that there is nothing else on the other side but you. Being attuned to the universal mind, you have a panoramic view of all that there is; so it is nice to die!

In that state (between lives) you also experience the fruit of an action. You experience the totality of a particular pattern created by a certain set of your actions. Now the human mind is nothing but pattern, upon pattern, upon pattern. Living this life and having gained many experiences, one could complete many cycles in different patterns. When a certain pattern (which of course had its impetus in so many lives before) has been experienced fully in this life, you can, in the subtle state, experience the result of the totality of the various ingredients that went into this pattern. And when you experience that, the pattern is completed.

So a person dies: what happens to him? He sheds his physical body. The human system has three parts: the physical, the subtle (which is the mental) body, and the spiritual body, which empowers it all. When this body is cast off like an old garment, the subtle body carries on.


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