Your first incarnation

When you reach the stage of mankind (as your first incarnation), you are not karma-free, yet that karma contained within you is non-binding. It is non-binding because you have not yet developed the power of thinking. It is only when the mind starts developing that the activity of karma begins.

All those impressions of millions of years do not need to be re-experienced. And this is the greatest gift that has been given by Divinity to us—the gift of forgetfulness.

We don’t choose our children, but our children choose us. We each choose our parents. When we find the right genetic combination, the right level of evolution most compatible to the lessons that we have to learn, those are the parents we choose to be born through. This is why one person is born in happiness and another in unhappiness, or in different circumstances. This is governed by karma.

Karma is a law which operates individually; and as any collective whole is composed of units, there would naturally be collective karma as well.


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