«I am not alone»

Gururaj_priya_106This is how we prevent ourselves from breaking, with the realization: “I am not alone. There is a greater force, a universal force, that is directed to me through the channel of my guru or chosen ideal, whom I love so much.

To find that subjective love that is swirling within you, you need an object of love. You need to objectify; and through this process of objectifying, you awaken the subjectivity within yourself. By taking your attention to the object, you are automatically awakening the subject. When the subject and the object meet at an advanced level, then the two merge away. That is self-integration . . . self-realization . . . God-realization.

From the very beginning of the Guru-chela relationship, a seed is planted for the tree to grow. The strength of our work lies in Gurushakti, the universal force that flows automatically. The Guru is a channel to those that are initiated.


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