I do my duty

Gururaj_priya_133I do my duty; and my mission in life is to give off what I have gained. If I have gained joy, I impart that joy. If I have gained wisdom through the power of Divinity, it is my dharma to impart that wisdom. If I am filled with love, it is my duty to give of that love. So life itself is nothing more than a sharing.

I tell my teachers here and everywhere that the seeds you are sowing are not for you to enjoy. Enjoying the fruits is not your dharma; that is not your ambition; that is not your purpose in life. Serve humanity, plant the seed of love, open up people’s hearts so that their ambitions may also be turned upward.

I am concerned with every hair on every meditator’s head. It is my responsibility to see to it that they unfold, that they develop the joy that is inherently theirs, and that they appreciate the Divinity which is within them.

To every word that I say to you I would add this: do not accept what is not appropriate to you. Accept that which is appropriate to you now, at this moment. We only accept things according to our understanding.

A few years from now, when you come across the same words again, you will find different meanings in them. When I was twenty and read the Gita I understood so much. When I was twenty-five and read the Gita again I found a deeper meaning in those very same words. When I was thirty there was still far greater meaning. Yet the book had not changed—I had changed. As our understanding widens, our appreciation of the Bible, the Gita, and of all scriptures, expands.

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