Isness and Actuality


gururaj_mirror So meditation and action are totally allied to each other. There is no separation. Why do you want to meditate is to find that oneness within yourself where the mind, body and spirit can become integrated. Fine. That is good, that must be done; but it must also find its expression in your daily action. What is the use of a seed of a beautiful flower if it is not planted and it is rotting away? And then, within you, or as within the ground the seed explodes, it is the very explosion or renunciation from selfishness, selfish desires, that make the tree grow. So that seed has to be exploded. In other words, it means you are getting rid of that little ego self you have, and attaching no importance to it whatsoever, and when that point is reached of attaching no importance to the ego self, then you experience the now of life. Then you experience what is; not what really is, but what actually is.

For you can go to see a magician show, and the magician would make an elephant disappear on the stage, and it seems very real to you. But is it actual? What about all those black cloths and mirrors that are used, and electronic devices where you do not see the elephant there on the stage? Or the motor car? So we live life in the seemingly real, but not in the actual. And that actuality is the absolute oneness within oneself where the action of daily life becomes one with the absolute within oneself, and there is no separation between life and God.

This is a very important point to be realized, because in daily life one has to go through so many activities. But if it could just be remembered at the back of the mind, and with practice it comes, that I am not the doer. I am not the doer. I, the little ego self, is not the doer, the doer is He. And when you have that idea, you become non‑attached to your actions, and therefore any action you perform will not add any more samskaras to your mind. You gradually become samskara‑free, free of impressions which imprisons you. For the ego is made up of impressions and interpreted in thought and, in turn, into action. So the end result is that it becomes non‑binding. And when your actions and your thoughts become non‑binding, then you enter the realms of freedom. Then you are free. You become liberated. That is the meaning of liberation, self‑realization. Or in other terms, unity consciousness, where the act, actor, and the action become one.

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