Everyone is liberated!

gururaj_web336In essence the spiritual self of everyone is liberated. The spirit is beyond all bondage, and you are spirit itself.

Man only starts to live when he finds the key to life everlasting; and life everlasting is the spirit within man.

Consciousness, being universal, permeates every cell of our bodies. The significant difference here is that although it permeates every cell in every one of us, in the ordinary person it is lying dormant, while in the realized person it is awakened.

The unfolded person would have humility. With humility comes a total sense of surrender and he becomes very ordinary. He becomes more ordinary than ordinary, and that can be regarded as extra-ordinary! It is all so simple. We need to cultivate only these few virtues to find that unfoldment. They are not cultivated in the sense of a façade or as an outward show, but as a real living example of what surrender is, what humility is, what love is.

A medium is not necessarily a Self-realized person. A Self-realized person would not go into mediumship.

A Self-realized man can choose to sit in the Himalayas in samadhi and bide time, so that the momentum created by his past karmas just wears off gradually—like a top. (When we spin a top, after it is spun, it still has a momentum that it has to run off.) When that momentum runs off, he discards the body. Then there is another kind of Self-realized person who identifies himself with every action in the world and in society. He identifies himself with every human being, with every animal, with every creature, with every plant. The heart beat of the plant is his heart beat, and the heart beat of the human being is also his heart beat. He does this for the purpose of teaching.

Before taking birth, he has the choice to merge away into Divinity, but he things, “No, let me not merge away, so that the air in this balloon becomes merged away in the universal air. Let me remain an individual and be born. There is a lot of work to be done.”

If you are at the point of realization where you have become one with the Divinity within yourself, then by all means discard all the teachers, all the books, discard all the external circumstances—they are not necessary for you.

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