Love is the outcome

Gururaj_bicicleta_recorteThe person who does not really require more money, but wants to double it and triple it, has created within himself a false need, which is a product of a mental aberration. In other words, that person’s mind has not found balance, and is imbalanced.

The worst adversity in life can be turned into an opportunity. The greatest hatreds can be turned into love. That is how we improve ourselves and the environment; that is how we progress through life; that is how greater harmony descends upon us, and life becomes beautiful, goodly, and godly. Do good, be good—it’s so simple!

We do not condemn the sinner, we condemn the sin, and in the condemnation of the sin we try to show which is the right path. The right path will lead towards creating a balance, creating that integration which is self-realization; and self-realization is God-realization.

Love is the outcome . . . joy is the outcome . . . faith is the outcome . . . of diving deep within.

If we regard Divinity to be eternal, then the manifestations of Divinity —rajas, tamas, and sattva—are eternal too, being the manifestations of an eternal manifestor. Rajas, tamas, and sattva are the qualities which govern the working of all natural laws. In a person’s progression toward self-realization he does not destroy rajas, or tamas; he subdues them so that they do not gain dominance, and allows sattva to dominate in his life.

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