Love is attached and non-attached at the same time

gururaj_ams1Many things in life are paradoxes. One can be totally devoted to someone and yet be non-attached. Now there is a difference between non-attachment and detachment. Detachment is to exclude oneself from all activities of life and just to be far away, to become reclusive. To be non-attached is to be able to partake of every activity of the mind and body and spirit and yet be above it all. Now, when ones goes into detachment, it could be a form of escape, where one does not face up to the responsibilities.

The real Self within us is ever unfolded and encompasses everything existent, tangible and intangible, animate and inanimate. When we speak of spiritual unfoldment we are referring to removing the veils of attachment to transitory values and recognizing them for what they are worth. We are gradually going beyond the shackles that tie us down to relativity. There’s nothing wrong with being in relativity; but being tied and weighed down, that is the condition we are trying to get away from.


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