‘Man, know thyself’

Man know thyselfI always use an analogy, you might have heard it before, that if you sit in an air conditioned room, you know that in the next room there is a fire burning and the fire you believe, you believe that the fire is hot. Good. As you go nearer the fire into the next room and feel the heat waves coming, you have faith that the fire is hot. But there was something you had to do you had to get out of the air conditioned room, that was the effort you had to make. Right, you believed the fire is hot and when you approached the fire it turned to faith because now you are experiencing the heat of the fire. But when you jump into the fire and become the fire then you know what fire is. Yes. So that is the path of evolution. Start with doubt, come to belief. From belief, develop faith. From faith, know. And then you’ll be following truly what the Scriptures say, ‘Man, know thyself’

~Gururaj UK 77-08


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