Meditation and mystical experiences

You do not need experiences to become integrated

mystical_experiencesWhen a person does not have any experiences during meditation he must never feel that no progress is made . . . the progress is there.

Flashy experiences in meditation are not signposts. You are just awakening certain layers of the mind, which produce all the stars and colors. It could very easily be done with a mallet on the head!

It is good that you experience the full range of thoughts and emotions during meditation. It is good in the sense that without suffering, you are dissolving the impressions instead of having to live out those experiences in practical daily life where they could become so, so painful.

Through spiritual practices we are working with energies. We are activating energies, but activating grosser energies and very systematically leading those grosser energies to reach the subtler and subtler energies which are in the mind. For the mind has various strata—the conscious level, the subconscious level and the superconscious level.


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