Meditation and opening the heart

gr_firoProper meditation creates that openess of heart through which you dive deep within; and in diving deep within, you develop and express greater and greater waves of love in the environment and in your home. Meditation makes life beautiful.

There are such divine forces at work through these practices that you awaken that which is dormant within you: you awaken the beauty. Most people live a life like a beautiful bud—but that bud has to be nourished and cared for, so that it will open up and fulfill its dharma.

Mediation awakens virtues and positive qualities in you that you need to come to realization.

The purpose of meditation is to bring about a harmony between mind, body, and spirit. The harmony already exists; all it requires is conscious recognition and experience. What do we mean by experiencing harmony? The answer is simple: to feel peace with yourself, so much so that all problems can come and yet you remain peaceful. It is like Kipling’s poem, “If”—everything can go all mad and haywire around you and yet you preserve your peace and tranquillity.

That is what meditation aims to do by a systematic process of taking your mind to the deeper layers inside. You automatically draw peace from the stillness within.

Though this only requires quieting the mind, that is not all that happens: by activating this inner resource in your daily life, you being living in compliance with the harmonious laws of nature. These harmonious laws are the truest reflection of the indescribable God.

Because you are bringing this inner resource, the inner energy, into your waking state of life, it then becomes a spontaneous process—You live God!

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