Meditation and renounciation

Meditation and renunciation

Someone asked me a question this afternoon. This person said that I have a family to look after, children, husband and others, but I would like to have more time to do my meditations. So I would say that meditation leads you into one way, while your action in daily life leads you in another way. But it works in a circular manner where two would meet. For the very action of yours would be invalidated without meditation, and without meditation your actions could never assume the purity it should have. Right.

So what we do is renounce. Renunciation does not mean renunciation or renouncing the actions of life, like looking after one’s children or one’s husband, or one’s family or the responsibilities of life. That is not to be renounced; but the selfishness which is attached to the actions, that is to be renounced. And when that is renounced, then meditation assumes a different proportion altogether. It goes deep, where everything, all action and all thought, is nothing else but meditation.

There is a misconception that you sit down for half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening, and you say that you are a meditator. You are, in a way, yes. That is just to charge up your batteries. But that must last through the 23 hours of the day during your sleep and during your waking hours filled with activity. And that very activity would become such that it would not even seem activity. Therein you will find the secret of inactivity in activity, as the Gita says, and activity in inactivity.

So meditation and action are totally allied to each other. There is no separation. Why do you want to meditate is to find that oneness within yourself where the mind, body and spirit can become integrated. Fine. That is good, that must be done; but it must also find its expression in your daily action. What is the use of a seed of a beautiful flower if it is not planted and it is rotting away? And then, within you, or as within the ground the seed explodes, it is the very explosion or renunciation from selfishness, selfish desires, that make the tree grow. So that seed has to be exploded. In other words, it means you are getting rid of that little ego self you have, and attaching no importance to it whatsoever, and when that point is reached of attaching no importance to the ego self, then you experience the now of life. Then you experience what is; not what really is, but what actually is.


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