Our mind is connected to the entire universe

Gururaj_manos_tartaOur mind is connected to the entire universe. So many wires are leading from our mind to all the various facets and aspects of life. When a belief is strong enough, we are activating a force that will bring to us the idea that is required and that is compatible with our minds. After that, with a bit of hard work and proper planning, that belief becomes a reality.

God exists because you exist, you exist because God exists. Nothing in this universe can ever be destroyed. Even a single thought you have in your mind cannot be destroyed, for thought itself is a form of subtle matter.

The human being as he is today is a fully aware person. He is, today, a fully self-realized person, for he is a divine person, and Divinity has within itself full realization and full awareness.

It is a fact that peace, understanding, and realization can only come from within you. No external force or power can create them for you. The creation of that peace and self-realization and understanding wells up from within and the reason is this: it is inherent within you. It is your birthright and it is there. Every human being is born with that Divinity within himself.


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