The mind invents the satans and gods

JesusfightingSatanIt is the mind that invents the satans and gods. The entire universe is nothing but mind and all problems in life are created by the mind. Tutoring that mind, we learn through meditational practices how we can overcome the mind and go beyond it, and there truth is found.

The mind, being a finite mind, could never know everything. Scientists, for example, have been inquiring into the atom, and as they inquire into the atom they come to various subatomic levels, and even reaching there, they feel that there is still finer matter; and the search will go on and on. The real cause, the essence of matter, will never be found with the mind.

The mind is susceptible to the suggestions put to it, and those suggestions can work in a negative or a positive way. The major part of people’s illnesses is imaginary, created by themselves.

The conscious mind is associated invariably with its senses; seeing, touching, smelling, feeling, and hearing. So, when an experience of a subtle nature comes to the conscious level, it is also connected with one of the senses.


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