Mind is limited

Escanear0007Because it is limited, the mind cannot conceive of reality in its truest form. One has to go beyond the limits of relative reality to know and to experience actuality. That is where experience experiences itself, past is no more, present is not there, and there is no future.

It is the nature of the mind not ever to be satisfied because the mind is forever changing, changing, changing. Wherever there is change, there is motion. Satisfaction, peace, and realization come in stillness, not in motion.

The mind continues from the body. There is no division.

A dream is a reliving or a living on a subtler level.

If I tell you who you are, you will only appreciate it on the mind level. Any appreciation on the intellectual level is necessarily limited, because the finite mind cannot comprehend the infinite. But when the realization dawns within you, and you can answer to yourself, by yourself, and for yourself the question, “Who am I, and why am I here?” then you become realized. The you operate in the field of knowingness.


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