More ordinary than ordinary

Gururaj_priya_099The unfolded man has to be a humble man. He must know the true value of humility. He can identify himself with a highly evolved being and at the same time identify himself with the merest worm that crawls on the floor. This identification takes place because he has recognized the Divinity existent everywhere: he has knows the immanent God in everything around him.

A true teacher becomes more ordinary than ordinary: that is why Jesus became extra-ordinary.

There is no such thing as following a teaching. The ideal is to live the teaching and become the teaching.

Why was there a Buddha? Why was there a Krishna, a Rama, or a Christ? They were teachers . . . and they came to awaken that which is already within.

There is an analogy that tells the difference between belief, faith and knowingness:

If you sit in an air-conditioned room, you can believe that there is a fire burning next door, and that the next room is warm. You believe that. But as you approach the next room and feel the heat coming, you start having faith—the fire is warm. When you get into the room and really experience the fire, then you know what fire is!

So it all starts with belief; belief leads to faith, and faith to knowingness. Now there is a forerunner to this: and that is called skepticism.

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