Name and Form with respect of isness


Gururaj_web208Now, we come to an important question. How real is the mind? The mind is totally formless. Mind has no form, no shape, no size.

It is universal and immeasurable, and yet because of the lack of awareness, you create form within the mind which is formless. You create a name which is nameless. Do you see? So, these are creations by thought forms that are roving around like waves, or rippling around like ripples in the pond. And sometimes there are whirlpools there in which you can get sucked. That’s where it takes you to. You get sucked into materialism, worldly matters, and regard everything to be form and you give everything name.

As I’ve said in some talk somewhere, if you had to call this chair a table, the ancients, then we would have been calling this a table, and the table you would have been calling a chair. So, where’s Guruji sitting? Is he sitting on the table or is he sitting on the chair? You would say sitting on a chair, because it has been drummed into you that this is a chair. So, how much independence have you had of your creative intelligence? What creativity has been there? I don’t call this a chair. No. I just call it something which I’m sitting on and somewhere I rest my back. That’s all. Just something which the physical senses just perceives. But the deeper perception would be wonderment. How all the molecules got together, the atomic structure of it and swirling around to bring about this formation. But I ignore the form. I’m more interested in the molecules, or the energy that keeps the molecules together. And that energy is Divinity. Do you see?

And once you reach the area of Divinity then there’s no form left and no name left. All the troubles in the world have been caused by name and form. Man has divided up this little planet Earth, this speck of dust, into so many countries. They’ve created barriers. So, this you call Germany and that you call England and that Finland and that Denmark and all that. Man‑made creations. Because of greed they always want to expand their empires and what have you. Aquisitiveness. And with aquisitiveness comes the idea of preservation. You want to preserve what you have acquired. And to preserve it you go through all the negativity that is involved with preserving it. You develop attachment. You preserve the table, you develop attachment to the table, to the chair. You develop that attachment to people. There’s a great difference between love and attachment. Love is something different. You develop attachment. With that comes greed, with that comes avarice, malice, and we can go on and make a long list of it. Do you see? And that is the reason why one country is warring against each other‑‑to preserve. And coming to the individual level they’re trying to preserve their individuality, thinking in their very own limited way that my individuality is all important, which it is not. People feel they are the center of the whole universe. They are not. Just a little speck of dust floating around trying to find the center. Yes.

And do you know the size of the universe? So many universes could be placed on a pin point. That is the size of the universe. And you become that pin point, and you are the center of the universe. And not only the center of the universe, but the universe itself. That is your destiny: when you reach above the limitations of thinking yourself just to be a human being. Now, this does not, of course, imply arrogance or haughtiness. This implies total humility: that I am the center and the periphery, and all those spokes are but me. Those spokes are there to support the periphery, which in turn supports the center. And what are the spokes? All that is being perceived by the five senses. Those are the spokes. So, if those five senses are used in spite of their limitations, if they are used in its proper way‑‑see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, that kind of thing‑‑then even your conception of name and form could assume a very great value, because name and form comes from the thinking processes.

Where do the thinking processes come from? It comes from some source. And where does that source come from? Definitely not from tomato sauce. Tomato you call it. Unending, ad infinitum. Going back to the primal causeless cause. Do you see? So, if the cause, the primal causeless cause has no cause, then what cause have you to categorize things in name and form? Do you see? I love punning words, you know, and playing with them. Do you see?

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