A dream is a composite story drawing forth elements from various experiences of this life or of many other lives. Many experiences are brought together and thrown into a pot and the soup that comes out is the dream.

When the dream seems very vivid, it means that certain experiences of the day or for the week have left a deep impression upon your mind. That impression, in turn, has stirred up a samskara which is hidden deeper down.

Gururaj_durmiendo_con_ConchaYou are evolving even in your sleep. Without willing anything samskaras are being released and with the release they are being dislodged. It is easier to release a samskara in the dream state than it is in the waking state.

Every dream which you have is totally necessary for your evolution because the inner mind, the deeper layers of the mind, know what has to be released and there is no interference from the conscious mind.

Have more nightmares . . . release those fears! A bad dream is more helpful than a good dream. The bad dream is stirring your innards and throwing off that samskara.

An impression that is very deep does not only remain in the subconscious but it is translated through the conscious mind into daily living.

In deep sleep, man is nearest to Divinity because the conscious mind has been stilled.

The conscious mind could act as a stimulus to bring about certain dreams, and this mechanism releases various impressions in the mind and lightens the burden of the mind. If this did not happen a person could be driven to insanity . . . so this is a release valve which is very necessary.


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