No doctor can cure your ailment

Copy (2) of Gururaj photos 011In any good deed or bad deed the same energy is used—it is a matter of direction. If a person embarks on a destructive course, we say that Satan has possessed him, and if he goes on a constructive course we say that he is goodly and godly. There’s no goodly-and-godliness here: he did a certain thing based on his own tendencies and patternings. That energy is a neutral energy. Divine energy is neutral, and can be used by the human being because he has a free will.

No doctor can cure your ailment. The organism which we call the human system is equipped with various factors that forever tend to balance themselves so that good health can come. What the doctor does is give you medicine to expedite restoring the balance.

Magnetic force is the emanation that is radiated by every person from the body, mind and the subconscious mind. It’s a continual emanation, and a person can acquire the ability to transmit his personal magnetic force to another person. The danger in this lies in the fact that the magnetic healer, not being a channel, uses his own energies. Now his own energies might be filled with much dirt and dust; he may have an impure mind and impure thoughts. Even if a person has no impure thoughts, his own physical and mental problems are put together and conveyed as a magnetic force.

So one has to be very careful in using the services of a spiritual healer or a magnetic healer because the magnetic healer can remove your headache, but it could result later in a toe-ache.

When there is a greater harmony within us we are bringing the three gunas into a greater state of balance, and this is done by prana. We are regressing back into the primal, fine, subtle state which is within us. As it becomes so refined, the entire ego achieves maximum expansion.

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