No time, no place, and no space

No_time_no_place_and_no_spaceYou’re sitting in this lovely room here, hmm. “Are you really sitting in this room?” I would like to ask, “or are you somewhere else beyond time, beyond space, and beyond causation?” For the cause is only created by your mind. It is only your mind that tells you that you are sitting on that blue chair, the red chair, green chair, the brown chair, the whatever. You are sitting nowhere, because you are beyond time and space. Space requires sitting because space requires a place. And when you go beyond the space and the place you go beyond time.

So the point is this: that you are timeless, you are spaceless, and you are eternal. For eternity and infinity have no time, no place, and no space. You’re creating the space within yourselves by your thoughts which are of no substance at all.

~Gururaj US 80-24



  1. marios Savvides says

    Time less and limit less…

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