The purpose of life is to find oneness

Because these flowers are tangible we call them material. We call the vase material because it is tangible and perceptible by the five senses. We can see it, touch it, hear it, and smell it. But beyond the value of the five senses that make these objects material, there is a binding force which keeps all those molecular structures together in a wholeness. If that quality of “keeping together,” that binding force, was not there, then all this would disintegrate. The binding force, although imperceptible and intangible, is the main factor behind all forms of materiality. When we learn to recognize that behind all forms of materiality there is a binding force of spirituality, then we will know there is no difference between materialism and spirituality. What you call material, I call spiritual.

A man that separates materiality from spirituality can become deluded. Really speaking there is no separateness between materiality and spirituality. There is just the attitude and our understanding of what materiality is.

The purpose of life is to find oneness. In finding oneness the fragmented mind achieves a unity which can only produce happiness. When a person’s mind is fragmented, losing all one-pointedness of purpose, then life becomes purposeless. When life is purposeless what do you do? You just float through life. You do not live, you just exist. Everything exists but existence must be enlivened. So we put life into existence, and thereby we are proceeding on the path towards wholeness.



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