Oneness of observation

Gururaj_web03There is nothing on earth that can give you happiness: it can only give you temporary pleasure.

Anything which is complete can never be dual. Completeness itself is oneness.

All existence is composed of that oneness and that oneness can be called Divinity. It is only one. All the differences we see are just name and form.

There is no adversity in life. There is only opportunity! That which we regard to be adversity might be the very lesson we need to learn.

The act of observation is dependent on the understanding of the observer, for what you see in the object is a creation of your mind. Do I see it as perfect or imperfect? A man limps down the road with one leg and a crutch. Is that man imperfect because he has lost one leg in the war, trying to protect you? We do not say he is imperfect. We forget his body. We regard him as a total human being. Why can’t we do this in every aspect of life?

Separation is part of our nature
Separation is part of our nature

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