Opening the heart

Gururaj_blanco_negro_9When the heart has opened, you will become incapable of projecting negativity. You will project only love.

Attachment can exist in the form of sincere feeling. In this togetherness we are marching on the path of oneness. How can we be one in two separate bodies? It is only when the heart melts away completely. It is only through spiritual practices where the heart is totally open that you merge. When two totally open hearts merge into each other it assumes a beautiful brightness. When you go to see a stage show you have two spotlights on either side of the stage. These two spotlights are not as bright when they shine alone. When the two come together, the light becomes brighter. That is oneness. Unfortunately humanity as it stands today has a long way to go to find that oneness.

When we react, we are acting from the periphery. But when we respond, we are responding from the center. There lies the difference, for the mind is peripheral; it acts from the circumference, while response comes from the center, and that is where we want to be, in the center. For you are the center of the universe; there is no limitation to you at all.


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