Past life?

G & PavritranandaWhy do you want to know about your past life? How is it going to help you in this life? Someone might say that, “Oh, by knowing of the mistakes of the past life, I will avoid making them again.” That is not the way. Where the spiritual Self is concerned, you do not analyze darkness, you switch on the light. Then mistakes vanish, darkness vanishes, light is there.

If a person reaches the highest limits of his existence on this earth yet has not become self-realized, he will live on another planet which has a population of beings higher than us. But having the discriminative faculty here, we can transcend all those existences and reach the source. We have that ability within us. If we want to progress in the force of evolution that is carrying us along, we can reach other existences on a far finer level, a level where we could sit in silence and my thoughts would be conveyed to you without uttering a word.

When a person reaches the highest level of evolution on this planet, then he has to be reincarnated on another planet. On that planet he would start off as a primitive man in comparison with the others that are more evolved. So the procedure goes on until one reaches the finest level of the mind. By reaching the finest level of the mind the entire mind becomes subdued. What remains? The spirit remains, for the spirit is eternal.

Everyone contains three elements: animal, human and God. By right thinking and right action, we progress towards a higher level of humanhood reaching into Godhood. That is why we have some living gods on earth, man-gods. This level of life is a possibility for everyone.

The basis of man is the spiritual self and that spirit, or Divinity, is forever perfect and pure. That Divine spirit does not require evolution. That divine spirit does not need to be reincarnated.

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