Preservation of the ego-self

Ego-impresionesWe are all little egos. We are all bundles of impressions created over so many lifetimes. These impressions are there and they cannot be annihilated. They are eternal, they have to exist. Every thought is eternal, and cannot be destroyed. The vibrations set up by that thought go on and on through eternity. So what one must do is expand the ego.

Our actions are contracting the ego. We are taking all these experiences of millions of years and contracting them, compacting them. By the act of compacting them we are combining one impression with another. A great amount of permutations take place, through which new impressions are created. And that is how the ego assumes greater and greater importance.

It is the preservation of the ego-self that brings about all unhappiness.

The basic element of conscience is goodness; but that goodness has the overriding factor of man’s ego. When man’s ego steps in, conscience becomes covered with dust. Spiritual practices remove that dust.


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