From the primal propulsion up to the stage of man

big_bangFrom the primal propulsion everything up to the stage of man proceeds within its own framework of energy, with its own inherent power of propulsion. Nothing expedites it and nothing can retard it. That inherent sense of propulsion creates what we call instinct. It is instinct because it is unlearned, it is something within oneself which is forever guided in the direction of further evolution by this all-pervading intelligence.

The primal atom, containing within itself the individual soul, came into its individuality through a vast explosion at the start of the present cycle of the universe. Before the explosion occurred things were in a state of equilibrium. Within this state of equilibrium were fine currents which were carried over from a previous cycle of the universe. It is these currents that enlivened themselves into a state where the explosion became inevitable. When the explosion occurred, all the various atomic and subatomic particles flew forth. That is where the soul gained its individuality. So, from the Universal Self, which composed the entire universe, sprang little particles of individuality.

As it proceeds in evolution, the atom multiplies itself. Further combinations occur and these in turn form different kinds of matter. The essence of the primal atom is the same, but its expression is different.

Because of creation there also has to be dissolution . . . not destruction, but dissolution. Before the creation of this universe there was silence. The whole purpose of expansion is to reach the silence again, and that is what we mean by evolution.

When the universe goes into dissolution, it is called in Sanskrit pralay, a period of quietness. For this period of quietness we could use the analogy of a smooth, quiet ocean. That ocean, or the universe, is not entirely quiet but it has reached the subtlest form of the sattvic level. If you observe the ocean when it is very quiet, with no waves or ripples, there is still a current working in the ocean that is not stilled. So when this universe reaches pralay, or stillness, there are still fine currents to bring that stillness back to activity. And that is how the next cycle begins.

The seed exists in the tree and the entirety of the tree exists in the seed. What happens in between, from the seed to the tree, is called evolution. Everything can exist in the evolved state and it can also exist in an involved state.

Within this universe, this planet earth is not unique. There are many earths that are similar to this earth, with the same kind of people. Therefore, we are not to regard ourselves to be the sole possessors of knowledge. Beyond this stage of evolution, there are still further stages of evolution. This will continue on and on until our present cycle ends; but the ending of this cycle will be the beginning of another cycle. That is why we say that the universe is infinite and eternal. Within the framework of the infinity you have more cycles.

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