The process of refinement

Gururaj_sonrisa_1If you become familiar, through your spiritual and meditational practices, with the subtler layers of the mind, then when you pass over you will be familiar with those regions because you will have experienced them here and now in the physical. When you pass over you will say, “Did I really pass over?—it is all so familiar,” and that takes the sting, which is called pain, out of death.

At death the physical body is discarded, but the mental or subtle body carries on, empowered or given energy by the spiritual body. After leaving the physical body, what we have left is the combination of the subtle (mental) body and the spiritual body. Here on earth we function in three aspects—mind, body and spirit. On the other plane, we function with two aspects, mind and spirit, minus the body.

To refine itself, the mental body has to go through a process. In this school of life, we go through a process towards greater refinement. In the same way, the mental body too, in that dimension goes through a process of refinement.

The process of refinement in that state is not evolutionary. It functions on a horizontal plane, not a vertical plane. There, the main function of the subtle body is to evaluate what it has done while having a physical body. It evaluates, assesses, and prepares itself to be reborn again on this earth or another planet, so that it can find greater refinement until that mental body becomes transparently clear.


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