Reaching Freedom

Finding freedom How does one reach the state of freedom? The state of freedom is not to be in the bondage of the mind, that means, in turn, that one rises above the mind. I was telling someone earlier this evening, that, when man becomes an observer of the mind, then only would the mind assume its proper function; only then. Now, who observes the mind and what observes the mind? The mind is observed by the mind. But now, I have said this many times before in many talks, that the mind has certain facets, sections, if you’d like to call it, conscious mind, sub-conscious mind, superconscious mind, which is the deepest and purest level of the mind, although within its limitations. And the superconscious mind is connected to the Divinity that is within man. Being of that pure level, it could reflect that light of the Spirit, it could reflect the Kingdom of Heaven that is within. And that is the purpose of all life
~Gururaj UK 81-01

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