Service is an art

Hands of GururajPeople fail to serve because it is not natural to them. Because of karmic values, wrong thinking, or wrong action they have lost the art of service. Service has not mechanics, it must be allowed to flow. If we apply a mechanism or a pattern, service becomes a drudgery and service ceases to be service, for service is an art. All offering is an art.

Service is an art, and art is freedom. So when we serve in the spirit of an offering, it is a freedom that is expressed from deep within ourselves. Service does not bind, it frees a person. That kind of freedom has its own reward. It requires no payment. It has its own reward in the self-satisfaction that is gained in the whole repatterning, remolding and restyling of our lives. This is the great benefit. This repatterning, remolding, and restyling can only lead to greater happiness.

Service is performed by everything in nature. Observe a flower, how well it serves us in its beauty and its fragrance. Observe the rain, how well it serves us in giving the water for things to grow. Observe the sun, how beautifully it serves us, giving heat and light. So, what constitutes service is to express our real nature. And our real nature is nothing else but an offering. This very offering is the real basis of service.


  1. carmen villar says

    Me gusta particularmente este texto sobre el servicio, que sólo se entiende cuando se ha vivido y que nos recuerda donde está el secreto de la experiencia que tuvimos.

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