It is so simple to be happy

Gururaj_sonrisa_2Through using drugs no one has ever become enlightened. If people could become enlightened through using drugs, I would go and buy a few pounds now and give them to you all. This chemical has a reaction in the brain, numbing the brain. It can stir many samskaras that are deeply implanted in your minds, from many lifetimes, and can have a very devolutionary effect upon you.

When a person habitually is in touch with the quietude within, every action that he performs is a right action, because that very powerful force pushes him onto the right path.

With expansion of awareness, greater light shines through from the superconscious level. That is happiness.

Devotion, worship, and love are purifying factors.

It is so simple to be happy, but is is so difficult to be simple.

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