Spiritual Pride

Gururaj_priya_101Teachers sometimes develop a spiritual pride, which is not good at all—it is devolutionary instead of evolutionary. The greatest thing to be watched for is pride. A person can reach a very high evolutionary spiritual standard, but if he assumes any form of pride, then he is not a spiritual teacher because he, with his pride, will never be able to impart anything to the chela.

We can go on and on describing the various characteristics of the unfolded man, but the main characteristic is that he loves, and loves, and loves, entirely. With that love there is sacrifice, there is surrender, and there is devotion. A true guru is more devoted to his chela than the chela is devoted to the guru—always. That is the mark of an unfolded man.

The man of unity, the man of bliss consciousness, the man of God, is with you in your suffering, suffers with you, and yet knows that his is part and parcel of the karmic laws which you yourself have created.

So, you reap what you sow. But even in the reaping there is joy; and that is what he teaches.

The mystic is concerned with your spiritual being, for through experience, he has found that, “I can draw from deep within myself to regenerate all my mental attitudes and bring joy into my heart and mind, so that my life functions beautifully and joyfully. Now, if I have done it for myself, why can’t I impart the basis of it to others, so that they too can share the joy and the bliss that I experience?”

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