Spiritual force is what awakens the light within you

The true teacherThe true teacher is he who does not talk from the mind, although the mind and the mouth has to be used, but he talks from a spiritual depth which he has experienced himself. So what he is conveying to you so that your mind can grasp it is wisdom that comes from within. But that is not enough, that’s not all, with every word a certain spiritual force is sent forth. And that spiritual force is what awakens the light within you, activates the spirit within you. Without Gurushakti, or Grace, all your techniques are of no use, I was telling someone to-day. Every mantra that you practise or meditate upon or any other practice, the Preparatory Practice, all of them is only of value if it is given by one that knows his business. For, with sending that practice, the teacher is sending his heart, his whole heart and soul and spirit, pouring it and it comes with such force and power. That is the grace that is intermingling every practice you do,
~Gururaj UK 81-01

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