Suffering can be overcome

mente-universoThe sufferings that people have can be overcome. When a certain trend is set in motion it has to reach its culmination. But if we have the attitude of acceptance, reinforced by the subtler layers of the superconscious mind, then nothing hurts and everything is accepted. And even if it does hurt, we know the value of the hurt, for it is also transient . . . “This is not the whole of my little existence.” It is a matter of attaching importance to the right things.

All sufferings are borrowed, they are not yours. They are borrowed from circumstances around you because sorrow and suffering is not your true nature. You are not yourself. That is the falsity of life. You do not give full value to yourself, and why not? Because you do not know yourself.

Do not confuse the sun’s rays with moonbeams. Moonbeams are soft and the sun’s rays are hard. Deny neither. The lunar aspect is but a reflection of the solar emanation. The moon and the sun combine without causing an eclipse in daily life. All this means but one thing—the key is harmony.

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