The mission we have on hand

Gururaj_priya_083We come to realize that we are functioning from that source which is forever unfolded. Through our meditational practices and the power of Gurushakti, or Grace, we are pushing forth automatically. This is because we have opened the door—we have knocked and the door has opened. Because of that, Grace is permeating every action of ours, bringing joy to every action. And everything that seemed so full of effort becomes effortless.

The mission that we have on hand is to open people’s hearts and minds to divine Grace. By opening up people’s hearts and minds to divine Grace, two things happen: (1) When the heart opens, we start loving; (2) when the mind opens up, awareness expands, and then we can look at an object in its completeness.

I try to inspire humanity to realize and to reach within themselves to find the joy that some of us have found. That is the mission and purpose of life—where life is not lived for oneself only, but to share with the world. One benefits most from sharing.


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