The sense of I-ness

Who’s will is it?

Gururaj_hablando_Concha_BNThere is no contradiction at all between my will and thy will. The contradiction only lies in the fact on which we put greater emphasis. For if I and my Father are one, how can there ever be a division between His will and my will. Because I do not exist and neither does He exist. And that is something very revolutionary which I am telling you. Because if He exists and I exist, then I am forming a separation between Him and me. But when I cease to form the separation between Him and me, then there could be nothing else but existence itself. And when existence exists by itself there is no such thing as «I and my Father are one.» Because I am the Father and I am the son because there is no separation.

You regard yourself to be a small little entity, and you regard Him to be a big entity. Why? It is just your mind, your thought processes. Because you do not feel happy and neither satisfied within yourself, you are looking for the big entity to help you make yourself happy. Isn’t that what you are doing? Hm? When Jesus said, «I and my Father are one,» he realized the oneness; that he is the Father and he is also the son encapsuled in a small little body. That’s the son. And yet the body does not matter, and neither does your mind matter. For matter, doesn’t mind and mind doesn’t matter. So when we lose the sense of I am John, Jack, Laura, Mary, blah, blah, blah, and even Janakaji sitting over there‑‑when we lose that sense of that small I‑ness, then all separation will cease immediately. And there is this immediacy that one has to align oneself with because it’s not so far away. It is there on the spot. But what is not there is the realization of the fact, that is not there.

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