Thy will be done

Thy will be doneNow people would say that, «Okay, I do spiritual practices. I find some peace. I find some betterment in life,» which is the experience of practically all people. «But how can we expedite it? How can we make it quicker?» The answer lies in the fact that you let go. Just let go of that which is called mind. Easier said than done. How does one let go?

What is your mind? The mind is nothing else but a whole bundle of thought, either governed by the past or by the future, but never by the present. The primary requirement of letting go is letting go of the self, the small self that is within man. The self which constitutes the ego. To let go of that means to act selflessly. And this one can do in five minutes time. Just to let go of the selfishness that we have within ourselves. Now, to let go of self also means to let go of expectations. You don’t expect. Because if you expect you are living in the future and not living in the now.

So if life is lived from this very moment onwards without expectation, all the sting and all the pain in life would disappear. And when we don’t have expectation, then we lose the sense of self then this me and mine disappears. But only when me and mine disappears then your original self, «thee and thine» reappears. So that is what is meant in the scriptures, «Thy will be done.» Thy will be done. Those four words, if properly understood, could get rid of all the miseries in one’s life

~Gururaj US 79-19


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