To serve the guru

Gururaj_priya_102Many people have the misconception that the chela, or the pupil, accepts the teacher. It is the other way around. It is the Guru who accepts you or tells you there is another path for you. And he will tell you this with love, always.

The unfoldment of the chela is tackled from three aspects. The mind comes to greater awareness; the heart unfolds into greater expansion; and all this is backed up by the impulse which the guru transfers all the time, to quicken the spirit.

To serve the guru, be worthy of the teachings of that guru. That’s the best way, nothing else. Be worthy of the guru’s teachings, not by constant theorizing, (although it helps to understand things,) but rather through the practical aspects of life.

The human being, because of problems within himself, and because of the lack of integration of mind, body, and spirit, goes through suffering. Then great teachers come along. It is their duty, their dharma, to show how to restore the balance between mind, body, and spirit. When a person understands that, then does he truly understand the meaning of the words, “I am the Way, I am the Truth, I am the Life.”

How can you deny such a teacher? Can such a teacher be denied, when he shows you the Way? His own life is modeled in the Way for others to follow.

Give a person spiritual wisdom without any motivation or attachment, and that wisdom is perpetuated. It will grow. The seed is planted, and it will carry on for lifetimes and lifetimes.

We don’t speak to show our erudition, knowledge, or wisdom. We speak to convey a message: and the message is only totally conveyed if it can penetrate the mind and the heart. Even if the mind does not appreciate the full implication of the message, the heart just feels, “You know—this is true—I just feel it.”

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