Getting back to one’s essence means unconditioning

Gururaj_pijama_discipulos_3Highly realized people are people that are in communion with Divinity. We only have a handful of such people in this world at the present moment. What they have to do is be able to relate their spiritual selves to the world. They have to take on a certain grossness so they can teach.

The unfolded man can stand apart from the world and all the strife and turmoil that he might have to go through.

Consciously or unconsciously, man is seeking freedom. He wants to be free of all suffering and is attempting to do this within time. What a contradiction! It is a contradiction because real freedom can only be found when we realize the meaning of timelessness. We have to go beyond time.

Getting back to one’s essence means unconditioning. When one ceases to be complex and becomes simple, then he enters the kingdom of heaven. The Bible says that, too. “Be like a child and enter the kingdom of heaven.” This is what it means.

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