Use your reasoning!

Gururaj_espejo_recorte_1In the progression of the soul we reach the human stage, and to unpattern all the patternings of the mind a human being has to use the power of discrimination. That is why he has been given the gift of reasoning.

Because of the patterning of past associations and past experiences our reasoning becomes warped. A person feels insecure and inadequate within himself. So the mind has to be repatterned.

Now we all try to unpattern, but what happens is that when we try to unpattern the mind by using the mind, we are repatterning it into a different mold. What we really must do is to get away from patterning altogether.

And that is what our spiritual practices do. They bypass the patterning of the soul and go deep within, to the basis of pure innocence. That is the purpose of meditation; that is the purpose of life.

Mental maturity is achieved when you have developed discrimination, where you can view something as a whole in its total value. The mentally mature person will find some appreciation of the total value of an object. But the self-realized person will not only see the total value of that object, he will become one with the object and experience its totality in that oneness.

The human being has the consciousness to appreciate that he is created in the image of God, because the human being has thinking ability. The previous stages of existence could not discriminate. We, as human beings, can discriminate; and therefore it is our folly that we do not discriminate between that which is forever changing and that which is changeless.

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