You can only share if you have something

Gururaj_priya_081You can only share if you have something—and in that sharing, an expansion takes place. The heart and mind expand in greater awareness, and everything around us assumes a form that we would never have dreamt of before. Everything becomes divine and beautiful. In this beauty, we melt away into another world or dimension. We then bring the power and the force of that dimension back with us into this dimension.

There is no question of any kind of worship. There is only One that you should worship, and that is God. In the guru-chela relationship there is devotion, an expression of love between chela and guru. It’s a mutual exchange and interaction. Devotion works both ways. As a matter of fact, I am more devoted to you than you are to me.

What I have been doing up to now is telling you about Gurushakti; but if you ask me what Gurushakti is, I cannot explain it. It is beyond the mind, beyond all words.

The only way to know of its existence is to experience it, and that is why we do feel some of its benefits. The only way to feel the benefits is to open ourselves to it. If you want fresh air to get into the room, you have to open a window. If you open it a little, a little air will come in; and if you open the window completely, all the air will come in. Those are the mechanics for receiving the power of Grace. And the power of Grace is always there.

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