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So, therefore, we always say we strive for balance. The Gita says this very beautifully, that you do not become elated by praise or some good happenings, and you don’t become saddened by some bad happening. You have an equal eye. So why become belated by those that are belated? Not necessary. That’s the whole secret of life. That’s how to find greater joy and peace.

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You know, when I see two people really in love with each other, I feel so happy. I get merged in their love. To see that love there. That’s what life is all about. It’s so simple. People make it complicated because of imbalances in their mind where the energies are not flowing in balance. And what we, through our practices and with the grace which is called gurushakti, it helps us, gives us that push to bring about that balance. So what we are seeking for is balance. And balance means joy and happiness, that’s all.

Be honest. Get rid of those masks, because those masks are a form of bondage to you. Get rid of the masks. I don’t mean your art form, of course, the masks people wear. Get rid of them. Be yourself. For example, if this morning I felt like coming here in my pajamas to do a satsang, I would do it. So what? It’s not my pajamas that matters. It is what I tell you that matters. Because I am me. And as a matter of fact, I’ve done satsangs in pajamas already. That’s what you people told. I don’t even remember these things.

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Nonsense contains the greatest wisdom because you will go beyond the sense, and you go to the heart. And that makes you a nonentity. It rids you of your ego. Then you are a nonentity, although you live and exist as an entity, but not the ego‑oriented entity, but the true entity, the real self within you. And that is all you have to care about is your real self, and the rest will take care of itself. Like the old saying, «Look after the pennies, and the pounds will be safe

So when you have that, when you don’t have the attachment, then you don’t grieve over a deceased one. Let their spirits be free.


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