Business man

fulness(5)A business man loses a thousand pounds today, so what happens to him, he becomes very depressed and in that depressed state, his mind will not function properly and tomorrow that will make him lose more. But if he accepts the fact that «Look, I have made a wrong deal and I have lost a thousand pounds. So what!» – it will bring a certain tranquillity in his mind whereby he will be able to think straight and correct the mistake that he has made and make up for his losses.

meditando2So that is why it is, the conjunction is this, injunction rather, is this that be beyond losses and gains and then only can you view things in its proper perspective.

So with this kind of acceptance, man gains greater strength because he is not allowing his mind to possess him. He is not allowing the mind to become his master. He uses the mind as his servant and makes the mind perform what it wants to. So there the mind does not become the doer but that inner self, that inner strength which is drawn through meditation, that becomes the doer.
So the energy is not blocked but it has a free play. It has a free play in subduing or uplifting the mind or rather neutralising the mind.

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