FURNITURE(1)Experiences vary

Size and shape or color and intensity may be different from that of the original flame. Unusual forms may appear: faces, objects, scenes. There is no “right” experience. Just enjoy what is there.

When the image has moved:
  • Let your attention return to the center. As with a balloon on a string, if you bring the string back, the balloon follows
  • When the image is off in the “left field” or the “right field” or has slipped up or down, this simply means that your attention has wandered.
Factors operating when there may be no image
  • Make sure that the students are looking a full three to four minutes. (People tend to misjudge this.) Suggest that they set a clock close to the candle during the first week to get the feel of this time period.
  • With a darker room there is a better contrast. Also, a black background helps and can be set up easily with a sheet of black art paper or a dark cloth.
  • Some people–although it is rare–do not get an after image. However, they can still do the practice with the same benefit. It just means that they will not have a visual focal point with the eyes closed.


Review the directions
  • Watch the flame for three to four minutes.
  • Watch the image until it has totally disappeared.
  • Go back and forth like this for twenty to thirty minutes.
  • As long as the image is there, stay with it. In some cases you may be watching the image for some time. This can vary quite a bit.
  • Give it a full minute to return. If it comes back, even for a second, start counting that minute again from there. When you are sure it is not going to return at all, then open the eyes.


Reasons that we practice Tratak
  •  It improves our powers of concentration.
  • It increases our capacity for awareness and intuition.
  • It balances out our other meditational practices.
  • It develops our ability to visualize.
  • It helps us realize Oneness.

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