Life after Death

Brands & Trends For your own evolution, you’ve got to find your own path. And in that dimension, there are no guides because they are too busy finding their own paths for their evolution.

Untitled design(1)And then these books like Life after Death and Death after
Life written by some doctors taking evidences from people that were nearly dead or near death, and they reported that the sensation that they have is that they go through a tunnel, a dark tunnel, and at the end a light is coming to fetch them. And that is not true. That is very conditioned mind, and they think that is happening.

What really happens is this: that when you die your conscious mind is not there any more, only the subtle mind is there, containing all the impressions. So at the time of death, when the conscious mind merges into the subconscious mind, then all the impressions are carried forward.And when you pray, you are only using your conscious mind. «Let my Auntie Mary have a happy passage, you know, and be happy there. And find everything she wanted, and perhaps one day I will meet her there.»No.

I will tell you how it could happen, but that’s of course, a different thing. I’ll mention it just now. So the dark tunnel you see is the passage of the conscious mind merging itself into the subtle body or the subconscious mind.And the light you see that’s coming to you is not coming from an outside source.It is the light of the spirit that is within you, that you objectify and feel as if it is coming from a different source. It is your own light. Pure, pristine, purity because the spirit within you is forever pure.

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