What is the purpose of having this freewill?

fulness(9)  Now what is the purpose of having this freewill? What is the purpose? The purpose of having the freewill is so that you do not become fatalistic. Many a country has been ruined because of this fatalistic attitude that «Oh well, He’s the doer and whatever happens, happens.» That is not so.

Gururaj_blanco_negro_35The Divine will has put out a certain formula, a tendency for you and with the interference of the freewill which is composed mostly of the ego because of its non-co-operation with the Divine will, that all the problems arises. That is where decision making becomes difficult.

Now it is very easy for the mind to bluff itself in saying «Oh, I have been surrendered”. Now you do. When does man say that? When he’s in trouble, otherwise not. And that’s the wrong way round because the mind itself is in a state of turmoil, it has not got the clarity to be able to surrender itself to the Divine will.

Gururaj_blanco_negro_41So through spiritual practices, slowly the ego is not annihilated but clarified so that the Divine will penetrates into the freewill and makes the freewill of relativity, act in accordance with Divine will which is the absolute.

That is the secret of life. It is not when you are in trouble that you sit in the corner and pray to God. Meditations and prayers are not cures but they are preventatives. Prevention is better than the cure.

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