The dual aspect

fulness(1)So start from the dual aspect and this starting comes not by mental analysis that ‘I accept this’.

Gururaj_sorpresa_recorteAuntie Mary said a bad word to you. So for the sake of respect you say «Oh well, I accept it. I won’t reply back.» Very good. Your mind made you do that but how did your heart feel, how did your heart feel about it?

Is it true acceptance or is it just a facade, imitation or an act that you have put on?

Now these things have to closely examined by the mind, for the mind too has its relative value to be used as an instrument for discrimination between truth and untruth, for the discrimination between our real feelings and false feelings, feelings that have been created falsely or the original self that is us.

So this means acceptance, true acceptance, true surrender and when one goes through these stages, acceptance, surrender all the other virtues follow on their own, such as humility and so many other virtues that one could carry on enumerating for half an hour and that brings about the upliftment in life. That brings about the joy in life. And you don’t need great wealth or great education or great anything for that.

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