The progress of evolution

fulness(12)So in the progress of evolution since beginless time, as the universe assumed various cycles of existences for all that is created, must perish. All that is born must be preserved, then it decays and then it dies. And from those very ashes, from the dissolution, another universe comes into being but this is still governed under the laws of relativity.

Scan 42And that is where all the changes come about. From the very primal sub-atomic matter, primal atom, all this entire universe has been created.

And by its own force, it is propelled through what we know linearly as space and wherever there is space, it has to have time because the greatest measurement of space is only through time and time is measured through space.

So in relative terms you would have time and space but in absolute terms, in terms of the Father, there is neither time nor space. And all these various forms and levels of existences are but just dimensions interpenetrating each other and superimposed upon each other.

Scan 39So therefore eternity is but a moment in that dimension. We, that live three score years and ten, think it’s such a long time but that is a linear measurement, measured by the ego self that can only think in the terms of time and space.

It will take me four hours to drive from London to Liverpool and we combine space with the time. But in another dimension, if man could go within himself and dive within himself where he is totally oblivious of time and space, then he is not only in Liverpool now but he is everywhere in the universe, for this vastness is within every man. He is capable of being smallest of the smallest and vastest of the vastest. And that is in the realm of the absolute which can be achieved through meditation and spiritual practices.

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