There is no separation in anything whatsoever

fulness(1)  So Jesus talked to people according to their level of understanding. If he had to tell peasants of the oneness of the absolute and the relative, he would not be able, they would not be able to understand. But as a good teacher, he led them from stage to stage where he could show and tell that ‘Your Father is in Heaven, pray to Him there.’

906267_235709453295308_73697862336734025_o‘He taught them of duality and the advanced ones, he taught of unity that there is no separation in anything whatsoever. Here in this world we might think in the terms of billions and billions upon billions of atoms all got together to make up this world, but looking at it from a distance, from another plane, this whole world is but just one atom. So man goes on with his analytical mind dividing and dividing and sub-dividing and sub-dividing all the time and it is this very division that colours his vision of the oneness that there is.

blue,tattoo,green,mandala-829e1d11aee463165d4eedbfef66325d_hSo full realisation of the true purpose of life, when we say «Man know thyself», what is there to know about yourself?

The thing to know about yourself is that you are not only a part of this universe but also the entire universe which is right within you. «Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven within and all else shall be added unto thee«. For according to the Sanskritists, the Vedantists there is no difference between the Atman and the Brahman. The Atman is but the reflection of the Brahman and without the reflector, without that which reflects, the reflection cannot exist. And therefore there is a continuum, as a part from one angle and also as a fullness from the other angle.

Now if we do regard Divinity to be the fullness then everything that proceeds from fullness is full. Everything from fullness is full. Everything from Divinity has to be Divine. But the ego self, the mind, the little cunning animal plays tricks upon us and creates these divisions and wherever divisions are created, there are conflicts. So it is these very conflicts created by ourselves within ourselves that is producing all the suffering, misunderstanding in the world. web meditaya

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