Those that are gone

fulness(5) So this one fellow died, so his brother says, a friend of his asks the brother that, «You know, your brother was electrocuted.» So the fellow replies, «What we do every year is put some flowers on the fuse box.»  Then if you do put flowers on the fuse box, please see that the flowers are not wet because electricity and water don’t mix. [laughter] And if they don’t mix, at that moment you might defuse yourself, instead of the fuse

a-busca-da-paz-interiorSo those that are gone leave them alone. Because they find their own ways through eternal laws that are prevalent throughout the universe. And you cannot change them. They are unchangeable. For death must come, and death is not a transitory period, but it is just a continuation of what you are. And the departed soul in that mind form state, because the soul is a combination of the impressions you have gathered in this lifetime with the subtle body and the vital forces that keeps the dead soul alive and going.

So the dead person is as living as you are living. It has life as you have life, but in a different dimension. That is the only difference. It develops a greater clarity of mind, the departed soul’s mind, or the soul itself rather, because without that clarity it can’t determine its next birth.

reloj-de-cocina-vintage1 If there was no clarity, then they would take much, much more time to be reborn.
So the period between death and the next birth varies dependent upon the clarity of the mind. So don’t you start befuddling them. It will take them longer to take rebirth again. Yes. So sometimes, a person might die today and within ten years, according to our time, would be born again, and some after 200, 300, 400, 500 years. Depends upon the clarity that they have achieved of their soul, in their soul, which is comprised mostly of the thought forces and the impressions that they have gained in this lifetime, and this lifetime is a culmination of all lifetimes you have lived before.

You are you today being the totality of all your previous lives.

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